EILE – June 2015 Issue OUT NOW!

The June 2015 issue features a special on the Marriage Referendum, as well as much more.

The June 2015 issue features a special on the Marriage Referendum, as well as much more.

The June 2015 issue of EILE Magazine is now available to download and read for free!

In this month’s issue, we get some personal views from Gráinne Healy, Kieran Rose, Maria Keogh and Mark Kelly about the Marriage Referendum. We also take a look at this year’s Dublin LGBTQ Pride with Jason Flynn, and feature California-based duo Karmin!
All this and so much more, including music, menswear, history, film, opinion, travel, health, and news, are now available in the latest issue of EILE Magazine! Simply click on the cover icon to take a look!
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Russia: A Change Of Heart Towards LGBT Relationships?


Dmitry Kiselyov

Russian journalist, Dmitry Kiselyov, is apparently evolving in his attitude to gay relationships, even if not actually endorsing equal marriage.

Kiselyov, appointed by Putin in 2013 as head of the offical Russian government-owned  international  news agency, Rossiya Segodnya, is more famous for his stance that LGBT people should not be allowed to donate blood or organs, among other anti-gay statements, and his anti-American rants.

However, in his coverage of the American Supreme Court decision to allow equal marriage, he appears to have spoken out in favour of Civil Partnerships. Continue Reading »

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Mozambique: Victory For LGBT Community As Anti-Gay Law Removed

Flag_of_Mozambique_svgMozambique has overturned an anti-gay law which has been on the law books since Portuguese colonial times.A new penal code, signed into law in December last, came into effect yesterday, Monday 29th, and effectively decriminalises homosexuality, which has been a crime in Mozambique since 1886.

However, since 1975, when the country became independent, no-one has been arrested for the offence of “vices against nature”. Continue Reading »

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A Pride To Make Us Proud! Dublin LGBTQ Pride Parade 2015


From Left: Grand Marshals Mark Kelly, Gráinne Healy and Brian Sheehan

The joy was palpable.Each person marching had pride in their stride! The crowd of over 50,000 held flags and banners aloft, as they marched as one mass, with smiling faces painted and brightly-coloured clothes. Continue Reading »

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US: HRC Call To Remove Obstacles To Marriage Equality Immediately

hrc red ogoAfter Friday’s (26th) sweeping ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States, striking down bans on marriage equality in all 50 states, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), America’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization, called on state officials to act with all deliberate speed to remove remaining obstacles to marriage equality. Continue Reading »

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Opinion: Thank You, Dublin Pride

These 'Yes' flags reminded many of the successful campaign for equal marriage in Ireland [Photo: Scott De Buitléir]

These ‘Yes’ flags at Dublin Pride reminded many of the successful campaign for equal marriage in Ireland [Photo: Scott De Buitléir]

Scott De Buitléir writes about yesterday’s massive celebrations at Dublin LGBTQ Pride, and the end to a remarkable, symbolic festival.

It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m in the living room of my apartment, occasionally throwing my eyes up to glimpse at some classic episode of Friends. Meanwhile, my boyfriend naps after his post-Pride breakfast, snoring softly on the sofa. It might sound like a disappointingly mundane way to start off a column piece about Dublin Pride, but that’s intentional – because equality also means normality.  Continue Reading »

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Concrete Soup Presents: Dave Nuremberg At Arthur’s

Dave NurembergDave Nuremberg
Arthur’s Bar, Thomas Street, Dublin,
Saturday 4th July 2015
Doors 7.30pm, €5 

Dave Nuremberg is the nom de guerre of Dublin based electronic music writer/producer, Trevor O’Reilly.

Better known as half of Dublin act Ambulance, he has released music both as a solo act and as part of other collaborations on labels such as Planet μ, Frontend Synthetics, The Fear and Risc Records. His music influence varies from krautrock to grind core to 80’s soundtracks to name but a few. Continue Reading »

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Dublin LGBTQ Pride 28th: Ceremony of Remembrance & Closing Ceremony

shirley temple bar

Shirley Temple Bar, Bingo at the George

Winding down on Sunday after such an action-packed Pride Day on Saturday, it’s time to reflect on those loved ones not lucky enough to be with us for these historic celebrations.

Dublin LGBTQ Pride Ceremony of Love and Remembrance
Join us as we remember our loved ones and community members this Pride season who are no longer with us.
6:00 pm Free Statue of Oscar Wilde, Merrion Square, Dublin 2.
Dublin LGBTQ Pride Closing Ceremony – Awards & Bingo
Join us for the closing ceremony to what hopes to be the biggest Dublin LGBTQ Pride ever! Fun and festivities with bingo from 8pm
8:00 pm Free www.thegeorge.ie
The George, George’s Street, Dublin 2.

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