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Out Now! Sept/October 2019 Issue of EILE Magazine – FREE!

Welcome to the September/October 2019 issue of EILE Magazine!

What an exciting time for the LGBT+ community in Northern Ireland! They’ve finally achieved equal marriage, with Valentine’s Day 2020 set as the day the first marriages will take place. 

This issue is full to the brim with goodies; our music section features gay singer-songwriter, Brian Justin Crum, of America’s Got Talent fame, and US-based singer-songwriters, Kota Wade and Renay, who tell us their latest news. Frances Winston reviews some great films, theatre, and ballet, and interviews Graham Halley, who was recently attacked in Dublin. She also interviews Dame Stuffy, and Brian Rochford writes on men’s fashion and health. Lisa Reynolds retro reviews an Alice Cooper album (perfect for Halloween) and an LGBT+  short, and Shaley Howard writes on the Femme perspective – an often overlooked group in the LGBT+ community.

So take some time to sit back, relax, and browse our September/October edition of EILE Magazine. Enjoy!

FREE to read or download! Just click on the magazine icon above right, or far right sidebar if you want the full pantheon of EILE monthly issues.

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Film: Official trailer for Alex Gibney’s ‘Citizen K’ released

Wildcard Distribution has released the official UK / Irish cinema trailer for Academy Award-winning writer/director, Alex Gibney’s acclaimed documentary, CITIZEN K, which will open in cinemas across the UK and Ireland on Friday 13 December. 

CITIZEN K, which had its Irish premiere at the Cork Film Festival, is an intimate yet sweeping look at post-Soviet Russia, from the perspective of the enigmatic, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a former oligarch turned political dissident. Continue Reading »

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Singapore: Activists challenge anti-gay law after India ruling

(Reuters) – Singapore’s top court on Wednesday heard the first legal challenges to its colonial-era anti-gay law, since similar legislation was scrapped in India last year, an issue that divides the socially-conservative city-state.

Three activists are arguing that Section 377A, a rarely-used [anti-gay law] was unconstitutional. The law does not apply to lesbians. Continue Reading »

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Cameroon: LGBT+ sports stars battling anti-gay laws

Athlete Thierry Essamba displaying his medals in a stadium in Yaounde, Cameroon on October 25, 2019 – Image: Thomson Reuters Foundation / Thomson Reuters Foundation

Cameroonian athlete, Thierry Essamba, still trains every day, even though he has little hope of reviving a career cut off when he was ousted from the national squad, in a scandal over homosexuality.

The 38-year-old hurdling champion was training for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, when a senior sports official told a crowd of journalists and fellow athletes that he was gay – Continue Reading »

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Social media: Double-edged sword for LGBT+ Asia

Image: medium.com

Technology has proved a mixed blessing for LGBT+ people in Asia, advocates said on Wednesday, opening opportunities to connect, but fanning hate speech, death threats, and attacks.

Social media companies must do more to keep LGBT+ people safe online, human rights campaigners from across the region said, at the Thomson Reuters Foundation’s annual Trust Conference in London.

“We get death threats and online harassment all the time, which affects … the mental health of our members,” said Rhadem Morados, a gay, Muslim filmmaker, from Mindanao in the Philippines. Continue Reading »

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Turkey: Judge refuses to throw out trial of Pride marchers

A Turkish court on Tuesday rejected calls to throw out the trial of 19 people for participating in an LGBT+ Pride march on a university campus.

Most of the 18 students, and a faculty member from the Middle East Technical University (METU) were charged with “refusing to disperse”, after being arrested at a May 10 Pride march by police using pepper spray, plastic bullets, and tear gas. Continue Reading »

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Uganda: 67 charged after raid on gay bar

A Ugandan court charged 67 people with causing a nuisance on Tuesday after they were arrested in a gay-friendly bar, in a move condemned by activists as the latest “homophobic” attack.

The 67 – who were among 127 arrested at Ram Bar, in the capital, Kampala, on Sunday – could face up to one year in jail if found guilty, said Patricia Kimera, a lawyer for the group.

“This is just a homophobic attack,” LGBT+ activist, Raymond Karuhanga, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation outside the court. Continue Reading »

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Singapore: Court to hear legal challenges on anti-gay ban

As a Singapore court prepares to hear a series of legal challenges to [an anti-gay law] LGBT+ activists on Tuesday called for the “right” verdict to be delivered, so similar reforms can be triggered across other parts of Asia.

Like many other former British colonies, Singapore has retained an old [anti-gay law] which was scrapped by India in a landmark court ruling last year, to give a boost to LGBT+ rights. Continue Reading »