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Welcome to the February 2018 issue of EILE Magazine!

In this month’s edition, we have US-based Payson Lewis and Vermillion Road as our musical guests, and a bit of retro with a review of one of Billie Holiday’s albums. We have news of an LGBT-themed film called As The Sun Rises coming up in 2018, by writer director James Postlethwaite, while Lisa Reynolds reviews an LGBT-themed animated short called ArrivalFrances Winston reviews the latest big movies, Brian Rochford writes on men’s fashion for Spring (if it ever arrives!), our Travel section talks about the benefits of using trains rather than planes, and health is all about Osteoporosis. It’s also an exciting time for the LGBT community, as Béar Féile 2018 is coming up in March, and the IDGTF 2018 is warming up with a call for volunteers. Galway’s Club GASS also have two great club nights coming up in March, one on Good Friday!

With all of that, and a lot more news, views and entertainment on offer, we hope you enjoy this February 2018 issue of EILE Magazine!

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Theatre Review: Purgatory – Anarchic Part II (at The International Bar tonight)

Purgatory: Anarchic Part II

The International Bar, 23 Wicklow Street, Dublin 2

Until March 24th, 6.30 pm

To write one play is a big ask, so to write and produce three simultaneously is quite an undertaking, but that is exactly what writer and director, Luke Corcoran, has done here – for the second time. As the title suggests this is actually the second part of his Purgatory: Anarchic series.

The three plays in question here – Presents, Jobber, and The Book of Karl, are a very mixed bag. Avoiding the temptation to have a common thread running through them, they are all standalone pieces of around 25 minutes in duration.

Presents tells the story of a first date, made all the more unusual by the fact that both parties imaginary childhood friends attend with them. In the case of the female, Clare (played by Amy Gallagher) her ‘friend’ is actually played by a man in drag (Dave T. Kelly in his stage debut) which adds a quirky comedic element to proceedings.

Jobber sees a man encounter his father in a rather embarrassing work situation, forcing them both to confront home truths.

Meanwhile, The Book of Karl sees a downtrodden man forced to face up to the realities of his life, when he is presented with a mysterious book, which knows more about his life than he does.

A quick straw poll of the audience the night I attended showed that there was no one firm standout, with everyone favouring a different one out of the three offerings. Personally, I found Presents the most engaging. The characters were well-formed, and it had some truly hilarious moments, which balanced well with the more serious elements of the story. I could also see this working really well as a short film.

Jobber was probably my least favourite, partly because the setup is rather contrived, although the two actors, Jason Deeney and Padraic McGinley, had a fantastic chemistry, and worked brilliantly together. Once you got past the initial premise, they had some lovely and poignant scenes.

The Book of Karl tackles the difficult issue of abuse through an absurdist style story, and again has some lovely moments in it, and a fantastic performance from Barry O’Brien as the eponymous Karl. He is a great physical actor, and really throws himself into the material. I did feel that there was quite a lot of repetition in this one, however, and at times it was very ‘shouty’, which even in heightened scenes isn’t always necessary.

With a quick turnaround between the plays (there is a brief interval between Jobber and Book of Karl) you barely have time to process one work before it is on to the next one, and it often feels somewhat frantic. This is both good and bad, as all three works touch on sensitive issues at some point, and it is often good to absorb this for a while afterwards. However, this also means you don’t dwell on the subjects, which, given that some of them may be distressing to people, could be beneficial to people’s theatrical experience.

It is tricky to pull off such an ambitious project in a venue such as The International, which has no wings to enter and exit from, and a small stage which doesn’t allow much in the way of props, but Corcoran has made it work here.

Overall it is a wonderful project with some lovely writing in parts. There are some sections in all three that could do with slight tweaking, but the ideas and the core of the pieces are there. He’s done well to assemble such great casts, given that there are eight actors overall, and all were being rehearsed at the same time.

Perhaps tackling two plays next time rather than three might make for a slightly richer experience, as there is a huge amount going on here, but overall, this is worth a look if you want to see some real up and coming talent in action, both behind the scenes and front of house.

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TENI: New helpline for families of trans and gender non-conforming people launched

 A new volunteer-led listening and support service, for families of trans and gender non-conforming people in Ireland, is to be launched today, Friday 23 March 2018, at 11.30 am, at the Hilton Hotel, Kilmainham, Dublin 8. The Gender Identity Family Support Line (01 9073707) is an initiative of Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) and LGBT Ireland.

Dr Colman Noctor, noted child and adolescent psychotherapist, author, lecturer, and media contributor, will launch the service. Continue Reading »

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TENI’s Sara Phillips for Grand Marshall of Dublin Pride Parade 2018

TENI Chair, Sara Phillips – Image: independent.ie

Congratulations to Sara Phillips, Chair of TENI, who is to be the Grand Marshall of the Dublin Pride Parade 2018, where the theme this year is ‘We Are Family’.

Sara has been with TENI since the beginning in 2006, was appointed Chair in 2012, and is now in her second term at this position.

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Irish LGBT Dictionary ‘An Foclóir Aiteach’ launched at DCU, Dublin

‘An Foclóir Aiteach’ (the Queer Dictionary) has just been launched at DCU .

On Wednesday 21 March, Minister of State at the Department of the Taoiseach and Minister of State for Gaeilge, Gaeltacht and the Islands, Joe McHugh TD, launched the Irish dictionary, which is a collaboration between TENIBeLonG To Youth Services, and Union of Students in Ireland (USI).

TENI say that many of the words included have been translated for the first time, so that LGBTI+ people can speak about their lives in the Irish language.

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‘Niteflyers’ filming in Limerick at Troy Studios – Trailer

Netflix has released a first look teaser for Nightflyers which is currently being filmed at Troy Studios in Limerick.

Based on George R. R. Martin’s novella, Nightflyers is set in the future, on the eve of Earth’s destruction.  A crew of explorers journey on the most advanced ship in the galaxy, The Nightflyer, to intercept a mysterious alien spacecraft that might hold the key to their survival.

As the crew nears their destination, they discover that the ship’s artificial intelligence and never-seen captain may be steering them into deadly and unspeakable horrors deep in the dark reaches of space.

Gretchen Mol (“Boardwalk Empire”) stars as Dr. Agatha Matheson, alongside Eoin Macken (“The Night Shift”) as Karl D’Branin, David Ajala (“Fast & Furious 6”) as Roy Eris, Sam Strike (“EastEnders”) as Thale, Maya Eshet (“Teen Wolf”) as Lommie, Angus Sampson (“Fargo”) as Rowan, Jodie Turner-Smith (“The Last Ship”) as Melantha Jhirl, and Brían F. O’Byrne (“Million Dollar Baby”) as Auggie.

Nightflyers will air exclusively on Netflix worldwide, excluding the United States.

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US: Carson Admits Ignoring Protections for LGBTQ in Homeless Shelters

Ben Carson – Image: REUTERS/Steve Marcus

Yesterday (20th) LGBTQ rights group, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in the US, criticised Secretary Ben Carson’s admission that the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is delaying important resources protecting LGBTQ people in homeless shelters. Continue Reading »

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Rejoice – RU PAUL’S DRAG RACE is back! (And lots more from Netflix for April)

Ru Paul DR Season 10

New on NETFLIX for April:

RU PAUL’S DRAG RACE IS BACK! (Season 10 with new episodes on Fridays, from this Friday, 23rd March).

So now it’s coming back, no more excuses.  Clear your diary, look glamorous, and join your squirrel friends for weekly episodes, filled to the brim with fake tan, fabulous eyelashes and, of course, DRAMAAAA. Okurrrr?!  

And…if your excitement has hit the roof and you can’t wait until Friday, get a grip and rewatch your favourite episodes, with Seasons 2-9 available on Netflix now.  

Ru Paul joins a whole host of other shows streaming on Netflix Ireland, just hours after their US broadcast!

Take a look at the video below to see what’s coming up on Netflix in April, from David Letterman with Jay-Z to Monty Python: