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screenshot-2017-01-27-23-27-33Welcome to the first issue of EILE Magazine for 2017! In our January issue, our music section features pop/rock singer-songwriter, Spencer Anthony, and alt/rock duo, Primal Static. We feature a tribute to George Michael, from Scott De Buitléir, remembering that he gave courage to so many LGBT people, apart from his wonderful music, and Scott also writes a defence of secularism, after a recent news article condemning it. Lisa Reynolds writes about the little-known subject of pansexuality, and Mark Anthony gives us an insight into the recent men’s fashion weeks. Frances Winston gives us some great film reviews, we have theatre news, Brian Rochford tells us how to keep those New Year’s health resolutions, and we have travel news, both exotic and USA deals. We’re also delighted to see that Béar Féile is back again for 2017!

All this and so much more makes up the January edition of EILE Magazine.


FREE to read or download! Just click on the magazine icon on the right, or far right if you want the full pantheon of EILE monthly issues.

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Listen: Lio Nicol – They Sent You Back Down

What can we say? Except that this is another great track from one of EILE Magazine’s firm favourites, pop/jazz/rock singer songwriter, Lio Nicol, she of the amazing vocal range, and her recent release, They Sent You Back Down.

Lio graced the November 2016 cover of EILE Magazine, and makes the kind of music that you want to listen to. It makes you feel happy and energetic, so if you’re down, you can listen to it, and if you’re already in good form, you’ll be dancing around the room in no time. Enjoy!


You can follow Lio on FB at: www.facebook.com/lionicol

Twitter: twitter.com/lionicol

and download her music from iTunes at:


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LGBT International Powerlifting Championships (Regisration Now Open)


The first ever LGBT International Powerlifting Championships are happening 28th, 29th, and 30th July 2017, in London.

Up to 60 of the world’s strongest Lesbian, Gay, Bi Sexual and Trans athletes are expected to attend from all over the world, in what promises to be a very special occasion. Continue Reading »

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Listen: Primal Static

For our music slot this morning, we feature Primal Static, with Fall Before Your Pride, from their new EP, Panstylistic. Primal Static, who were featured in our January 2017 monthly issue of EILE Magazine, are a two-piece alternative rock project, with blues and trance interlaced with their rock soul. Song-writer/singer/guitarist, GT, and Keyboardist/bassist, Houfei, use trance beats to layer depth into their original sound.

They are both life-long musicians, uniting two very different cultures. GT became impassioned as a child by rock and blues, drawing inspiration from many great musicians, from primal blues to modern electronic trance.

HouFei once said, “when I met GT, he was like a furious wild fire that lit up life and music for me as I had never known before”. Born in China, she played piano since the age of 4.  She now uses her vast keyboard skills to make the music that she feels was her destiny. Together, they make an awesome band.

You can catch up with Primal Static at:




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Film Review & Trailer: The Founder

the_founder_posterFrances Winston writes that The Founder gives a fascinating insight into the background of this well-known brand

Directed by: John Lee Hancock – Starring: Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman, John Carroll, Linda Cardellini, Patrick Wilson, Laura Dern

I have to admit that I’ve never been a big fan of McDonalds. I’m more of a KFC kinda girl. I’ve never really enjoyed their food, and any time I have consumed it I’ve been hungry again an hour later.

Don’t get me wrong, as a child there was always something exciting about heading to one of their big shiny outlets, to get served food that appeared as soon as you ordered it. But that same food never really floated my boat. Continue Reading »

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Film Review & Trailer: Fences

fencesFrances Winston writes that Fences has some great performances in it, and despite being a little claustrophobic at times, is a powerful film – one not to be missed! 

Directed by: Denzel Washington – Starring: Denzel Washington, Viola Davis, Stephen Henderson, Jovan Adepo, Russell Hornsby

In the spirit of full disclosure, I should probably say that I LOVE Denzel Washington. Not just a little tiny bit. But a great, huge, big love. He is amazing, even when playing unlikeable characters, such as his Oscar-winning turn as corrupt cop, Alonzo Harris, in Training Day (and he was robbed of the Oscar for his role as alcoholic airline pilot, William Whitaker, in Flight!) Continue Reading »

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GLAAD: Over 140 entertainers, including Lady GaGa and Amy Poehler, against anti-LGBTQ bills, support #TXtogether


Lady GaGa

GLAAD, in partnership with Equality Texas, The Ally Coalition, and leading artists, entertainers, and influencers, have released an open letter with more than 140 signatures, opposing bills that threaten harm to the LGBTQ community in the Lone Star State. 

The diverse range of signatories addressed the letter to leaders in Texas, urging they oppose Senate Bill 6 (SB 6) and House Bill 1362 (HB 1362), two harmful pieces of anti-LGBTQ legislation on the table in the state right now.

Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Janelle Monae, Gloria Steinem, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lawrence, Sia, Troye Sivan, Whoopi Goldberg, Jack Antanoff, Julianne Moore, Laverne Cox, Tegan and Sara, Amy Poehler, Continue Reading »

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EP deplores harmful medical treatment for trans and intersex people

lgbtmentalhealthIn a key vote on gender equality in mental health, the European Parliament has urged for stronger action on trans and intersex people’s mental health.

The Parliament deplores that transgender people are still considered mentally ill, and highlights that this diagnosis “is a source of significant distress for transgender persons”. Continue Reading »