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Review Fringe Festival 2017: Dear Attracta

Frances Winston really enjoyed this Fringe offering.

Attracta Tension is an Irish agony aunt. Part Panto Dame, part Drag Queen part Hyacinth Bucket, she is also incredibly indiscrete, sharing the foibles of those who write to her with her eager audience. She loves nothing more than sharing her worldly wisdom, and if she can do it through song, so much the better (and she does have a lovely voice!)

Walking in, the audience are treated to the sight of her salon (or boudoir – whichever you prefer) which sports a comfy armchair, a side table, a decorative screen and, hiding in the corner, a keyboardist (because that is a must have in any salon!) When Attracta makes her entrance, she looks like she just came from an ICA meeting, and she is quick to let us know that she’s from good stock. Continue Reading »

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Africa to get state-of-art HIV drugs for $75 a year

(Reuters) Bill Gates’ charitable foundation will guarantee minimum sales volumes of the new combination pills using dolutegravir

Makers of generic AIDS drugs will start churning out millions of pills for Africa containing a state-of-the-art medicine widely used in rich countries, after securing a multi-
million dollar guarantee that caps prices at just $75 per patient a year. Continue Reading »

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Film Review & Trailer: Kingsman – The Golden Circle

Frances Winston feels that this offering is not as good as the first, but as relaxing and untaxing entertainment, this film works

Directed by: Matthew Vaughan – Starring: Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, Halle Berry, Elton John, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges

No you’re not seeing things. That is indeed Elton John’s name in the cast list. Alongside no less than four Oscar winners. Mind you, Sir Elton doesn’t really stretch himself here, rather playing a version of himself. Unlike the aforementioned Oscar winners.

If you’ve seen the first Kingsman movie, your mind is probably already made up about this one. A quick straw poll concluded that it was somewhat of a marmite movie. I personally enjoyed it, but amongst those I asked it was 50:50, with no happy medium. You will also know that Colin Firth’s character Galahad (SPOILER ALERT) was killed off. Continue Reading »

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Out Now! EILE Magazine’s September Edition FREE To Read Or Download!

Welcome to September’s edition of EILE Magazine!

This month brought the sad news of Edie Windsor‘s passing, and Australia are in the thick of the equal marriage plebiscite. Our musical guests are Ezra Furman and Oriel Poole, Lisa Reynolds review LGBT animation, In A Heartbeat, Frances Winston reviews the latest films, and Arosa Ski Week is back for 2018. Brian Rochford writes on the importance of a healthy prostate, and our Travel section features US tours, cruises and honeymoon destinations. We also have LGBT news and entertainment from around the globe, so we hope you enjoy this September 2017 issue of EILE Magazine!

FREE to read or download! Just click on the magazine icon above right, or far right if you want the full pantheon of EILE monthly issues.

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US: Portland Tennessee Debates Ban On Drag Shows

In Portland, Tennessee, city officials debated on a ban on drag shows on Monday last (18th September).

While owners of some drag establishments urged the officials to see the shows before they make a decision to ban them, others, like Nicole Vestal, said that “transgender shows have no business in the downtown district”, and that people interested in drag should do so in the privacy of their own homes.

David Amonette, a city attorney, said that passing the ban may lead to lawsuits, as they had already received letters that indicated that the board would be sued if the ban is approved by city officials.

Unable to make a decision, the board have decided to defer a vote on the ban until November 6th, so that they can meet with the attorney-general for the state about the legality of such a ban.


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Film Review & Trailer: Maze

Directed by: Stephen Burke – Starring: Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Martin McCann, Eileen Walsh, Aaron Monaghan, Niamh McGrady, Ross McKinney

It’s hard to believe that we’re coming up to the 20 year anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, but we are. And with that anniversary looming, the Troubles are inevitably being examined in a more Continue Reading »

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Video: M.R.J. – Cali High

London-based singer-songwriter, M.R.J. has announced another great collaboration with producer Michael Stockwell (Phrased Differently) for his latest pop number – synth-heavy summer single ‘Cali High’.

The track arrives in the wake of his sublime debut single Bliss, which premiered on BBC Introducing, as well as receiving deserved praise from Record of the Day around the time of release.

After getting hold of a rough demo from Stockwell while travelling in Alaska, the London-based singer was instantly hooked. It was only a matter of time before he was back home in the studio sculpting the lyrics and melody with upcoming soul singer Elsa Chapman.

Shot under the dusky light of yet another abandoned location – this time, a run down equestrian track – M.R.J. has fashioned first-rate visuals for Cali High that’ll rouse more feelings of 90s nostalgia than your old lava lamps and Pokemon collection ever could.

Cali High is well worth a listen. Enjoy!

Cali High is out now to stream and download on Spotify and iTunes at: