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Welcome to the September/October 2019 issue of EILE Magazine!

What an exciting time for the LGBT+ community in Northern Ireland! They’ve finally achieved equal marriage, with Valentine’s Day 2020 set as the day the first marriages will take place. 

This issue is full to the brim with goodies; our music section features gay singer-songwriter, Brian Justin Crum, of America’s Got Talent fame, and US-based singer-songwriters, Kota Wade and Renay, who tell us their latest news. Frances Winston reviews some great films, theatre, and ballet, and interviews Graham Halley, who was recently attacked in Dublin. She also interviews Dame Stuffy, and Brian Rochford writes on men’s fashion and health. Lisa Reynolds retro reviews an Alice Cooper album (perfect for Halloween) and an LGBT+  short, and Shaley Howard writes on the Femme perspective – an often overlooked group in the LGBT+ community.

So take some time to sit back, relax, and browse our September/October edition of EILE Magazine. Enjoy!

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Film Review & Trailer: Jumanji: The Next Level

Frances Winston reviews this latest sequel to the remake of Jumanji 

Directed by: Jake Kasdan – Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, Nick Jonas, Awkwafina, Alex Wolff, Morgan Turner, Ser’Darius Blain, Madison Iseman, Danny Glover, Danny DeVito

I was extremely pleasantly surprised by 2017’s Jumaji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Despite initial trepidation about a remake of the much-loved classic movie, I felt that they had tweaked the premise – having four teenagers sucked into a computer game, and be transformed into their avatar alter-egos, instead of having people trapped in a board game – just enough to differentiate it, while also retaining the elements that made the original such fun. Continue Reading »

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Mexico: President condemns LGBT+ hate crimes after portrait row

A protest in Mexico City against a portrait, December 10, 2019. REUTERS/Carlos Jass

Mexico’s president on Wednesday condemned hate crimes against LGBT+ people after a row over a painting of revolutionary hero, Emiliano Zapata, naked but for a pink sombrero, high heels, and a ribbon, led to an apparent attack on LGBT+ activists.

Protestors stormed a national art gallery where the painting was on display on Tuesday, to call for its removal, and videos posted on social media appeared to show physical attacks on members of LGBT+ rights groups. Continue Reading »

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Review: Forever Young Festival WinterFest 2019- Killarney

Review By Frances Winston

Forever Young Festival WinterFest

INEC Killarney, December 6th and 7th 2019.

The line up:

Friday – Doctor & the Medics, Altered Images, Nik Kershaw, Howard Jones

Saturday: Doctor & the Medics, Andrew Strong, The Christians, Nick Heyward, Go West, Tony Hadley

Following on from the hugely successful and lauded Forever Young Festival in the Summer, Winterfest saw a whole host of 80s stars descend on Killarney for a two-day pre-Christmas pop party. Continue Reading »

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Cambodia to teach LGBT+ issues in schools to tackle discrimination

Image: lonelyplanet.com

Children in Cambodia will receive lessons on LGBT+ issues from 2020 in a bid to wipe out bullying and discrimination in the socially conservative country, an official said on Tuesday.

From grade seven, around age 13, modules covering sexual orientation and gender identity will be part of sex education in schools, said Yung Kunthearith, deputy director of the education ministry’s department of health studies. Continue Reading »

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Gender-neutral ‘they’ is word of 2019

Image: sfchronicle.com

The use of ‘they’ to describe someone who does not identify as male or female gained ground on Tuesday, when US dictionary Merriam-Webster picked it as the word of 2019.

Merriam-Webster said searches for that use of the word, which was added to its dictionary in September, had increased by more than 300% this year as more and more people identify as nonbinary, – neither a man nor a woman. Continue Reading »

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Listen: Arielle Silver – Lonely Time of Year

“There’s something about the carols
Or something about the booze
That makes me think I’ve got nothing left to lose
Cause the Yule log’s burning brightly
But I’m here on Christmas Eve
Thinking maybe it’s time for me to leave”

With lyrics like these, you’d have to wonder why indie-folk artist, Arielle Silver quit her songwriting career a decade ago, moved to Los Angeles, and took a behind-the-scenes job in the music business.

However, in 2018, Silver fell back in love with songwriting. In 2019, she began performing again, and despite 10 years off, she launched a Spring 2019 crowdfunding campaign, raising over $26k to record a new indie-folk / Americana project: A THOUSAND TINY TORCHES. In advance of the album, slated for early 2020, she brings us a Christmas break-up single, LONELY TIME OF YEAR, and on those Christmas nights when you’re feeling a bit blue, it’s the perfect track to realise others are feeling the same!


You can catch up with Arielle at:



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UK: LGBT navy veteran to get medals back and apology

Joe Ousalice in his home in Southampton, May 29, 2019 – Image: Thomson Reuters Foundation/Nicky Milne

A bisexual British veteran, who was kicked out of the navy because of his sexuality, is set to become the first of many to get his medals back, and an apology from the British military for the way he was treated.

Joe Ousalice, 68, had served for almost 18 years as a radio operator, when he was discharged in 1993, after a court martial found him guilty of “conduct prejudicial to good order and naval discipline”. Continue Reading »