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Welcome to the September/October 2018 issue of EILE Magazine

Bursting with goodies, this edition sees some great musical artistes gracing our pages, like STF, Jared Dylan, MIKA and the NI’s Japanese Popstars.

Scott De Buitléir interviews longtime LGBT and civil rights activist, Tonie Walsh, about his upcoming show, I AM TONIE WALSH, and Stephen Spillane raises awareness on how to preserve your mental health. Also Happy Birthday to Club GASS in Galway, who celebrate their 3rd birthday in November.

Frances Winston reviews 5 great films, and Lisa Reynolds reviews the Laverne Cox documentary, The T Word. Our health article, by Brian Rochford,  reminds us that exercise keeps the brain healthy, and he also writes on men’s fashion for the cold weather. Our Travel section features India and the US, and we also feature art at the RDS, dance, and theatre.

With lots more news, views and entertainment inside, just relax and enjoy this Sept/Oct 2018 edition of EILE Magazine!

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Transgender fighter wins in historic pro debut

Transgender boxer, Patricio Manuel – Image: LGBTQ Nation

Patricio Manuel made boxing history on Saturday night, becoming the first transgender male to fight professionally in the United States.

Manuel, 34, beat Hugo Aguilar by unanimous decision in Indio, Calif., on a Golden Boy Boxing fight card. Continue Reading »

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Social slurs: The celebrities brought down by online homophobia

Kevin Hart – Image: REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

Days after Kevin Hart was named as the host of next year’s Oscars, the US comedian has had to pull out in the wake of criticism over past homophobic tweets.

But he is not the first celebrity to be caught out over anti-gay slurs.

Here are three other examples:

Manny Pacquiao Continue Reading »

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IDGTF: Christmas Market, Opening Night Vouchers, Volunteers & More!

The IDGTF are at the George’s Bar for Gay Theatre @ A Fabulous Christmas Market, on 15 December, from 12 noon to 6pm.
You can also get Opening Night vouchers for the 2019 festival, T-shirts, and books at the market on the day, and these are also available on-line.
IDGTF Festival Submissions:

Continue Reading »

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Rainbow Project NI: ‘Pride in Newry’ to host UK & Ireland Pride

Image: Pride In Newry

The Rainbow Project in Northern Ireland have congratulated their partners, Pride in Newry, on being chosen to host next year’s 2019 UK & Ireland Pride Festival and Parade.

They say the team have worked very hard in increasing visibility and acceptance of LGBT people in Newry, and beyond.

The Rainbow Project said: Continue Reading »

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EU LGBTI strategy: Joint paper from 19 Member States

Joint paper from 19 Member States for an EU LGBTI strategy – Image: ILGA-Europe

19 EU member states have signed a common paper prepared by the Maltese government, calling for continued efforts within the EU to ensure full protection of LGBTI rights. The paper called on the next European Commission to ensure strong follow-up of the current EC LGBTI list of actions, and adopt a coherent EU LGBTI strategy.

The signatory countries of the paper are Malta, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Slovenia, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Greece, UK, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, and Cyprus. Continue Reading »

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ILGA Europe: Webinar – Campaigning for intersex rights

Are you campaigning for intersex rights? Are you supporting intersex groups in their campaigning efforts? Discover how to frame your messages about intersex issues.

Register now for ILGA-Europe’s interactive webinar: Campaigning and message framing for intersex rights.

ILGA-Europe will host an interactive webinar on campaigning and message framing for LGBTI activists and allies working on intersex rights. They will look into the experience of activists around Europe, and put into practice the framing techniques explored in the previous webinars of the strategic communication series. Continue Reading »

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Video: Christmas At Pound£and – Mark Handley

On EILE’s Saturday morning music slot, we are happy to feature UK singer-songwriter, Mark Handley, who has just re-released his Christmas satirical song, Christmas at Pound£land, whose message will resonate with many people at this time, not only across the UK, but also in Ireland because of the homeless situation.

“You know you’ve been Scrooged” sings Mark Handley here on what might well be his very own “Christmas Carol”… “it’s the birth of our Lord at the price you can afford”

Mark, who hails from Portsmouth, has an eclectic taste in music, which comes out in his own projects, from Rock to Reggae, Folk to Country and Blues etc., with acerbic lyrics in this case wrapped up in an addictive instrumental and chorus line, that will have you singing along by the second chorus. We like it, hope you do too!

(For another amusing song of Mark’s, with clever lyrics, Girlfriend Wanted gives another flavour of his songwriting, sounding perhaps like a cross between Chas & Dave and Nick Drake).

For more, you can visit Mark at: