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Online LGBT Mental Health Campaign Launched

Today, GLEN and BeLonG To Youth Service launched a new online resource, to promote positive mental health among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, and among young LGBT people in particular. To launch the resource, 3 innovative short animations are being released to promote the new website and to highlight particular actions LGBT people can take that support their […]

Sex (Only) In The City

Frances Winston discovers that some of her gay friends still have one foot in the closet In 2007, a gay man, Finbarr Dennehy, was brutally murdered at his home in Clontarf, Dublin. 42-year old Michael Downes was later convicted of the crime. For many people, this raised the issue of personal safety on nights out, and […]

The Swiss Report

Dr. Shay Keating still advises caution about a controversial Swiss report on HIV/AIDS In 2008, a statement on behalf of the Swiss Federal Commission for HIV/AIDSwas published in the Bulletin of Swiss Medicine. The statement read, ‘after review of the medical literature and extensive discussion […] an HIV infected person on antiretroviral therapy with completely suppressed viremia […]

7.1 Billion Genders?

Deirdre O’Byrne reflects on transvestism as a means of expression of gender identity I know a little about transvestites – I used to be one. It lasted about six months – six tortuous months in which I came face-to-face with some fundamental questions about identity, gender and sexuality. Eventually, I decided that the only explanation for […]

US LGBT Rights – A Bargaining Tool?

The US Immigration Reform Bill appears to be discriminatory in favour of non-citizens for the sake of the technology industry, and against its own citizens, members of the LGBT community, who have foreign same-sex partners Hopes of many LGBT American citizens were dashed last night when the US Senate decided to withdraw the amendment that […]

UK Says No To Straight Civil Partnerships

Westminister voted against a motion yesterday to extend civil partnerships to opposite-sex couples. The motion was put to the House of Commons by Tim Loughton, a Conservative MP who commented: “If the Government think it is right to extend marriage to everyone, then it has to be right to extend civil partnerships to everyone too.” Only 70 […]

Gay Rights Amendment to US Immigration Reform Bill?

Immigration reform in the United States is causing all sorts of headaches for the parties involved, especially for the Senate Democrats, who are trying to please everyone.  They are trying to retain Republican support for the Immigration Reform Bill, while at the same time, they do not wish to offend gay voters, seen now as […]