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Prop 8 – Kris and Sandy Married At Last

Kris Perry and Sandy Stier, the plaintiffs in the Proposition 8 case, were finally married at San Francisco City Hall on Friday (28th).  Above is some raw video of the ceremony. You can also view footage of their nuptials on abc7  here. Normally there would be a 25-day wait after the Supreme Court decision, but […]

New York Launches LGBT Tourism Site

New York Launches LGBT Tourism Site

New York tourism reached out to LGBT visitors this week by launching their new I Love NY LGBT website. “This is where the Stonewall rebellion gave birth to the modern LGBT civil rights movement,” the new website – part of their current I Love NY tourism website – writes on its welcome page. Governor Andrew […]

LGBT Awards Launch Belfast Pride

LGBT Awards Launch Belfast Pride

The fourth annual Belfast Pride Awards launched the 23rd Belfast Pride Festival at the Black Box on Friday evening. Politicians and businessmen gathered together alongside the LGBT community to launch the diverse programme of events, and to celebrate the work and partnerships of individuals, commercial organisations and statutory groups.

Before Stonewall – 1984 Video Documentary

Lest we forget what today is all about. In some countries, LGBT people still live under regimes which consider homosexuality to be a crime, and can’t celebrate today, or be who they are any day. For those lucky enough to be able to, have a great festival!. HAPPY PRIDE DAY! Eile

Bert and Ernie – The New Yorker Magazine DOMA Cover

People are getting all bent out of shape,  on both sides of the gay marriage/DOMA debate, because the New Yorker’s latest cover is of Bert and Ernie, the lovable Sesame Street confirmed bachelors, sitting on a couch together, watching the news. It was drawn by Jack Hunter on Tumblr, and submitted to the New Yorker, […]

Norwegian PM Changes Facebook For Pride

Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg, has updated his Facebook page in support of ‘Skieve Dager’ (Queer Days), Oslo’s LGBT Pride festival. The cover photo’s text in Norwegian – “For at alle skal kunne gifte seg med den de elsker” – translates to English as “So that all people are able to marry who they love.” […]

Huelskamp Plans FMA To Block Same-sex Marriage

Congressman Tim Huelskamp, a Republican (Kansas) and tea party member, has said he plans to introduce a Federal Marriage Amendment, to block same-sex marriage in the US.  He made the following statement about the Supreme Court decision on DOMA, and his proposed plan,  on Wednesday (26th):