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Sean Dunne writes ahead of the Dublin Pride Run, a 5K run in aid of Irish mental health charity, Headstrong

The whole notion of running seems scary. The idea of joining a running group, even scarier but then again so is putting on the trainers and pounding the Dublin pavements alone!

Admitting that you need to exercise to stay healthy is something many Irish people tend to avoid. Like it or not it’s a fact of life. With the increasing obesity trend in Ireland growing, now more than ever is the time to embrace the inner athlete.

Some people run for the sheer fun of it, some run to escape the reality of the pressures of work and money troubles and for others running is a social element to the week.

Running is something that a lot of people do on their own. It can be the thirty or forty minutes of inner piece to let loose and escape to the sounds of your iPod but the emerging trend of joining a running club seems to be taking Ireland by storm.

On any given evening in the Phoenix Park, there are hundreds of people out doing what they can to stay fit and amidst all these runners, is a unique running club known as The Dublin Front Runners.

The club is for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender and gay-friendly individuals. You don’t have to be an accomplished runner before running with the club so no need to panic just yet.

The club meets twice a week on Wednesday evenings and then again on Saturday morning. So if you think that you need a little motivation and training then the club is definitely for you.

For a lot of people, the thoughts of joining a club can be daunting, and showing up alone is always the biggest element of fear instilled in most Irish people, for reasons unknown.

There is the LGBT society in university that many people tend to avoid as it’s just “not their thing.” So why would an LGBT running club be any different?

Joining a club provides two main elements, motivation and the social experience. There is no lying that if you haven’t run with a club before then you may feel a little stiff the next day, but the motivation will make you show up every week, if not for the running well then for the social aspects of being part of the club.

To coincide with the Dublin Pride events taking place this year, the Dublin Front Runners 2nd Annual Pride Run takes place this coming Friday evening on June 21st.

The inaugural Dublin Pride Run took place last year and was a great success. This year, the charity chosen to benefit from the pride run is Headstrong. Headstrong is The National Centre for Youth Mental Health – a non-profit organisation supporting young people’s mental health in Ireland.

For many new members, this will be the first time to experience the 5k Pride Run, and be sure to check out July’s issue of Eile for a full feature on how the run went, and the blisters encountered!!!

Looking for more information? Follow run run on Twitter (@DublinPrideRun) or like us on facebook ( for tips preparing for the run or to catch up with the latest running news.

Anyone interested in joining The Dublin Front Runners can check out the website

Sean Dunne is a freelance journalist, working with RTÉ and The Irish Sun newspaper. He is also a member of the Dublin Front Runners.

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