Northwest LGBT ‘Not Participating’ in Dublin Pride

This year’s Dublin Pride parade will not include representatives from the north-west of Ireland, according to Northwest LGBT Pride, who released an open letter to Dublin Pride this evening. In this letter, they announced that they will not be participating in the parade next week.

The letter, signed by the eight committee members of Northwest LGBT Pride, criticises Dublin Pride over its conditions for groups to be allowed to take part in the parade next Saturday. Dublin Pride states, in their parade entry terms & conditions, that the Festival reserves the right to refuse groups which do not fit this year’s theme “in an acceptable and tasteful manner.” In this particular case, the committee of Northwest Pride questions “the basis on which Dublin Pride can use their opinion as a mark of ‘taste and acceptability’, other than within the bounds of legality. Acceptable to who? [sic] On what grounds?”

Dublin Pride has also been criticised in the letter for being “willing to lose its community in favour of increasing finances”.

“Whilst we celebrate the commemoration of the Stonewall Riots this coming weekend,” the letter continues, “and wish all participants of Dublin Pride a very happy day, we cannot with integrity place Northwest LGBT Pride’s banner on a parade that promotes elitism and prohibits the involvement of all sectors of our community.”

Northwest LGBT Pride is the regional pride festival for LGBT people living in counties Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal. Their open letter to Dublin Pride can be read in full here.

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  1. Just to thank you for doing this. Its important that a message is sent to Dublin Pride that its job is not to police the community, and not to sell out the festival to commercial interests.

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