NI Court Allows Adoption By Same-Sex Couples

Belfast's Laganside Courts

Belfast’s Laganside Courts

The Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland has dismissed health minister Edwin Poots’ appeal against the high court determination that the current ban on same sex couples adopting in Northern Ireland represents unlawful discrimination. The minister has now been ordered to allow same sex couples to begin the adoption process.

Speaking on the ruling, John O’Doherty, director of The Rainbow Project said:

‘This is a great day for the rule of law in Northern Ireland. There has now been clear direction from the Court of Appeal that the current unlawful ban cannot be allowed to continue. No longer must same sex couples have to choose between entering a civil partnership and [becoming] adoptive parents to a child who needs them.

‘The minster has tested his spurious argument in court twice and both times it has been found wanting. Personal moral prejudices against same-sex attracted people are not a good enough reason to deny a child loving parents and never will be. The minister would do well to correct this anomaly in a timely manner and end this embarrassing chapter in the history of Northern Ireland.

H/T The Rainbow Project, Belfast

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