Two Men Killed in Haiti Anti Gay Protest

According to The Sentinel, two men, believed to be gay, were beaten to death during an anti gay marriage protest rally in Port-Au-Prince, by a Protestant led coalition of moral and religious organizations on Friday.

The protest was organized by a number of religious groups, including  the Haitian Coalition of Religious and Moral Organizations, and  “came two days after watchdog groups held a news conference to condemn what they say is an increase in threats against homosexuals in the country. They also took issue with plans for the Friday protest” . The coalition of religious groups said three weeks ago that it opposed recent laws in other countries supporting gay marriage.(LGBTQNation).

The Sentinel article reads:

On Jean Jacques Dessalines Boulevard, at the Iron Market, at about 1:00 PM in the afternoon, 2 people were beaten to death.

At 4:00 PM when the information was received on the news desk of The Sentinel, it was said that their bodies were still lying on the ground.

The police appeared to have arrived on the scene late, or did not stop the violence if at the actual scene earlier, as the bodies were on the street for a period of approximately 3 hours.

LGBTQNation reports on the incident that

Various faith groups brought protestors together from Protestanst[Protestants] to Muslims, threatening to burn down parliament if lawmakers legalized a planned proposal by a Haitian gay rights group to allow same-sex marriage.

Haiti’s gay and lesbian community is small and has long kept a low-profile because of a strong social stigma that sparks fears of physical violence and loss of employment. Gay rights groups in Haiti say that members of the country’s LGBT community often don’t report rights violations to authorities out of fear of reprisal.

Many protesters shouted threats of physical harm to the gay community, while holding up copies of the bible, or quoting from it.


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