Pope Welcomed To Brazil With Protests

popeWhile Pope Francis visits Brazil, gay and lesbian people are staging kiss-ins in protest of the Vatican’s anti-gay views, despite recent gay scandals taking place at the Holy See.

Beijacos, or kiss-ins, have also been planned by LGBT activists ahead of the Pope’s scheduled speech this Thursday on Copacabana Beach. The LGBT community are not the only ones to protest during the Pontiff’s visit to South America this summer, however, as local feminist groups are planning a so-called ‘Slut Walk’ this Saturday in protest against sexual violence against women. Riots and protests have also taken place in Rio de Janeiro as crowds condemn the country’s spending during the Pope’s visit. CNN also reported that a “homemade bomb” was found near a shrine that Pope Francis intends to visit during his stay.

While the Pontiff has been slightly more liberal during his papacy, the Vatican itself is still making efforts to retain its socially conservative image. These efforts have recently been hindered by Batista Ricca of the Vatican Bank being found stuck in a lift with a male prostitute, and previously by the discovery of Vatican-owned property in Rome being home to a gay sauna. Earlier this year, Venerabilis, the gay dating site for “homosensible” priests was also discovered by the media, much to the embarrassment of the Vatican. For such an anti-gay institution, the Holy See has suffered its fair share of irony.

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