Thailand: Bill For Civil Partnership


In Thailand, a bill has been drafted by a parliamentary commitee, that, if passed, will allow gay men and women to enter into a civil partnership if they are at least 20 years old.

Naras Savestanan, director of the Justice Ministry’s Department of Rights and Liberties Protection stated:

”The partnership will give [same-sex couples] rights, benefits and protection similar to most rights granted to heterosexual couples”.

Benefits like inheritance rights, and pensions, will be granted to same-sex couples as are in place for heterosexual couples, and it would mean that Thailand, a mainly Buddhist country, would be the first Asian country to introduce Civil Partnership.

Thailand decriminalised homosexuality as far back as 1956, and LGBT people are very well accepted into society there,

The bill, however, will need 10,000 signatures to support it, according to the Thai constitution, and although no-one has raised objections so far, conservatives may not be happy with the proposal.

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