Weekend Round-Up: 13-19 January

croissant-newspaper-and-teaWhat a week it has been! There has been no shortage of LGBT-related news at home and abroad, but don’t worry if you missed any of it. EILE‘s Weekend Round-Up is here to let you look back over the week’s content. 


Tel Aviv’s mayor, Ron Huldai, unveiled Israel’s first memorial dedicated to LGBT victims of the Holocaust. In entertainment, we reviewed That Awkward Moment, starring Zac Efron, which is out in Irish and UK cinemas from January 29.


The President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, signed a bill which outlaws same-sex relationships, threatening LGBT people in the country with a possible maximum jail sentence of 14 years, if charged and convicted. On a (much!) lighter note, our Tuesday Tunes featured the brand new single from Christina Perri; Human


Roger Jean-Claude Mbédé, a gay Cameroonian who was jailed for texting the words “I’m very much in love with you” to another man, passed away after health complications linked to a hernia. Meanwhile, Scott De Buitléir looks at the decision made by American political activist and co-founder of GOProud, Jimmy LaSalvia, to leave the Republican Party.


We turned our attention back to Nigeria, as we showed a report on the reactions of LGBT Nigerians to the introduction of a drastic anti-gay bill. In the U.S., almost 80% of a Methodist Church’s congregation walked out in protest at the dismissal of a gay church leader.


The Equality Tribunal has awarded transgender woman Deirdre O’Byrne €5,000 in compensation, after it ruled she had been discriminated against by Allied Irish Bank. Meanwhile, parents were understandably upset after a music teacher was forced to resign from a Catholic high school in Ohio over his recent engagement to his partner of five years. In entertainment, we’ve reviewed the documentary film, Teenage, which will be out at the IFI from January 24.

Saturday & Sunday:

TENI has warmly welcomed a Government report, published earlier this week, on the General Scheme of the Gender Recognition Bill 2013. The report recommends that the upcoming legislation should reduce the age at which an individual can apply for a Gender Recognition Certificate from 18 years to 16 years. Meanwhile, Frances Winston reviews The Wolf of Wall Street for EILE, and feels that the latest offering from Martin Scorsese ensures its success by featuring Leonardo Di Caprio as its lead actor.

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