Trinity College Students Ban Coca-Cola To Protest Sochi Sponsorship

Coca-Cola has been banned from Trinity College's students union premises. [Image: TCD]

Coca-Cola has been banned from Trinity College’s students union premises. [Image: TCD]

The Students Union of Trinity College Dublin has decided to ban all Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble products from their premises, in protest over the companies’ sponsorship of the highly-controversial Sochi Winter Olympics, and in solidarity with LGBT people in both Ireland and Russia.

Both Coca-Cola and the Sochi Games have been targets of great criticism in recent months, due to Russia’s legislation against so-called ‘homosexual propaganda’, which has been widely condemned by western nations as being discriminatory against the LGBT community.

Coca-Cola recently suffered separate criticism from the LGBT community, especially in Ireland, when a scene featuring a gay couple was omitted from a recent advertisement.

“We want to show solidarity to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Russia and banned the sale of the products on campus as a mark of respect,” Leanna Byrne, TCD students’ union spokesperson, said to news. It is not certain, however, for how long the ban will be in place by the students’ union, or if the group intends to lift it.

Boycotts on products for ethical reasons are not unusual in Irish universities. For example, the students union at University College Dublin has observed a boycott on Nestlé products for several years.

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