Act of Love – Film of UM Rev Frank Schaefer’s Support of LGBT Community


Rev Frank Schaefer Nov. 2013

A kickstarter campaign is in train to fund a film documenting United Methodist Minister Frank Schaefer’s historic stance in continuing to support the LGBT community, even after being defrocked by his church for officiating at his gay son’s wedding. 

When asked at his church trial to promise not to perform any more gay wedding ceremonies, he refused, feeling that the church rules were in error, and discriminated against the LGBT community within their own church. Reverend Schaefer has four children, three of whom are gay, and he feels that officiating at his gay son’s wedding was an ‘act of love’. Many within the United Methodist Church, both ministers and laiety, agree with Rev Schaefer, and he has been hugely supported by UM congregations around the US, who have engaged him to speak and preach.

(EILE Magazine has covered Reverend Schaefer’s ongoing story here,   here,   herehere ,   here  and  here).

The film, if it receives enough contributions towards production costs, will be produced by Kate S. Logan. Contributions presently amount to just over $63,000, but must reach $75,000 by tomorrow afternoon (20th) in order to fund the project using the kickstarter site.

For more information, or to contribute to the project, here is the kickstarter link, or go to the Stand With Frank facebook page here.


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