Watch: Honey Maid’s Fantastic Advert Against Homophobic Comments

American cereal company Honey Maid has made an awe-inspiring response to the homophobic responses they received recently, when they featured a gay couple with their children in one of their ad campaigns.

On March 10 of this year, Honey Maid launched their new ‘This is Wholesome‘ advert campaign, which depicted and celebrated various kinds of families. The inclusion of two gay men as the joint parents of two children prompted a strongly homophobic response from various users of social media, who described the scene as “disgusting” and “horrible”.

The company, however, have dealt with the negative comments in a beautiful and creative way. Enjoy the video above and see what you think.

Also, take a look at Honey Maid’s longer clip, which features the same-sex parents and their two children.

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