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This Way Out is featured weekly here on EILE Magazine

This Way Out is featured weekly here on EILE Magazine

Every week, EILE Magazine features the latest episode of This Way Out, a Los Angeles-based LGBT radio show, which celebrates its 26th year on air this month! This Way Out is available in 200 countries worldwide, as well as here each week on EILE

 This week’s episode features both good news and bad news; opponents of India’s sex law throwback file a final appeal, homophobic Ugandan cops raid a Kampala AIDS clinic while thousands “give thanks” for the country’s draconian new “Anti-Homosexuality Law”. Also, a Nigerian court frees two people nabbed under the country’s new anti-gay law, a Russian court makes history by upholding LGBT rights, U.S. feds trump state inequality with “DOMA”-doctored Medicare, and more global LGBT news.

You can listen to the latest episode of This Way Out by clicking here. If you’d like to donate to this volunteer-run radio show, visit

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