Podcast: The Latest LGBT News from ‘This Way Out’

This Way Out is featured weekly here on EILE Magazine

This Way Out is featured weekly here on EILE Magazine

Every week, EILE Magazine features the latest episode from our friends at This Way Out, the international LGBT radio show which is produced in Los Angeles. This Way Out is available in 200 countries worldwide, as well as here each week on EILE

On this week’s show: PureLand sings out as “the girls they are”; early 20th century British suffragist/composer Edyth Smyth is remembered in a “Rainbow Minute”; India’s top court affirms trans-people, Malta bans trans bias and okays civil unions, Ethiopia eschews Africa’s trending homophobia while Zimbabwe’s Mugabe reinforces it, new laws in Brunei punish consensual adult gay sex with death by stoning, and more global LGBT news.

You can listen to this episode of This Way Out by clicking here. If you’d like to donate to the volunteer-run radio show, visit thiswayout.org.

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