Watch: Accenture Employees Explain How To Be A Good LGBT Ally

LGBT Allies and LGBT employees of Accenture came together recently to take part in an innovative video, explaining the experiences of LGBT people at work, and what it means to be an Ally.

The four-minute video, released last Friday, shows a number of LGBT employees at Accenture in North America, explaining their experiences of coming out in work. It also shows other workers at the multinational company talk about their journey of becoming a supporter of the LGBT community and their rights. 

“We are committed to raising awareness and educating our Accenture team-culture/people about the LGBT community”, the team at Accenture explain on their website, “while simultaneously supporting our LGBT employees worldwide. This commitment reflects our core values, which shape our culture, define our character, and foster our ability to help our clients achieve high performance.”

For more information about Accenture’s LGBT policies, visit

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