Watch: Tel Aviv Comes Out

In light of the recent events taking place between Israel and Gaza, an interesting documentary by the BBC World Service may now be more relevant than ever when it comes to the debate surrounding Israel’s promotion of LGBT rights and accusations by its critics of ‘pinkwashing’. 

As thousands of gay men and women from around the world travelled to Tel Aviv for Pride week in June, BBC’s Tim Samuels reveals how Tel Aviv has become a leading gay city following a concerted campaign by the mayor. Critics accuse Israel of ‘pinkwashing’ to soften its image – but Tel Aviv stands out as an oasis of gay tolerance in an otherwise hostile region.

Amidst the carnival atmosphere, Pride week brought to light the fascinating nuances and tensions within Israeli society. Pride is a public assertion not just of gay rights, but of secular strength. Also ‘covertly’ attending Pride were West Bank Palestinians, whose sexuality can bring risks to their personal safety.

An hour-long, podcast version of this documentary is available for download via the BBC website.

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