Don’t Miss: The Baltimore Waltz @ Harbour Playhouse

baltimoreThe Baltimore Waltz, an award winning play by Paula Vogel, gets a new production by exciting new theatre company, Blue Heart Theatre

Acting Out is delighted to announce a new production, a joint venture with the newly established Blue Heart Theatre, of Paula Vogel’s award winning play, ‘The Baltimore Waltz’, from Wednesday, September 3, to Saturday, September 6, at the Harbour Playhouse.

In the play, Anna and her beloved gay brother Carl, finally make a long planned trip to Europe in search of a cure for her recently diagnosed terminal illness. But when they get there, nothing is as it seems. Why is Carl always in his pyjamas? Who is the mysterious Third Man? And why do none of their holiday snaps look anything like the places they visit?

This serious comedy was American playwright Vogel’s response to the death of her brother, who died from complications due to AIDS. Whilst it has established itself as a modern American classic, it has not been performed in Ireland up until now.

Blue Heart Theatre is an exciting new company, formed partly from existing members of Acting Out, Dublin’s LGBT community theatre and some new collaborators. Blue Heart aims to present new and unknown plays in Ireland and the UK, in a fresh and innovative way.

Director of the play Ayrton O’Brien said: “This is a great play to do as whilst it has many comic moments there is an underlying sadness to the piece, and getting that balance is a real challenge for us”

Company member Mike Kunze, who plays Carl, recently moved to Ireland from San Francisco and said: ‘It’s great for me to have the opportunity to be part of a new company bringing this brilliant play to an Irish audience”.

Brian Higgins, another company member, has the daunting task of playing over ten parts! ‘ I have to play everything from a French waiter to a Dutch boy, to the mysterious Third Man, and a Doctor – it’s one of the most challenging roles I have had so far’.

Niamh Denyer, who plays Anna, recently graduated from the Drama department at Trinity and said: ‘I love the comedy in this play, but also the unexpected twists and turns – it’s such a beautifully written piece’“

Producer Sean Denyer said: ‘It’s brilliant to see Acting Out give birth to an exciting young company, part of our mission as a community theatre, is to develop people and give them the opportunity to present new work, and they have been working really hard to bring this play to a new audience”

The play is being presented in an exciting new performance space, The Harbour Playhouse in trendy Portobello, and you can even bring your own bottle to the show!

Tickets are available at

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