March for Marriage Equality

Screenshot 2014-09-05 02.37.41Ahead of the equal marriage referendum promised for Spring 2015, the annual March for Marriage took place on Sunday 24th August.

Set to begin at 3 pm, the streets were already flooding with thousands of LGBT people and their supporters, family and friends, to march in what many hope will not be necessary by this time next year, if the recent polls are anything to go by, with over 75% saying that they support gay marriage.

Max Krzyzanowski, one of the organisers of the march, was delighted with the turnout, but says that people should not become complacent, and that the only way to ensure that the referendum will be successful for the LGBTI community is to get out and vote.

Making the point that children raised in same-sex households do just as well as those in opposite-sex households, Max dismissed arguments against equal marriage on the basis of man/woman marriage supposedly being “uniquely pro-child”.

He also said that if the state is to treat all its citizens equally, it must be “blind and agnostic” as to whether couples wishing to get married are same-sex or opposite-sex.

Among the speakers were Tara Flynn, Gráinne Healy from MarriagEquality, and journalist Fintan O’Toole.


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