Stuart Hatton Jr. Wins Mr Gay World 2014, With Ireland’s Robbie Lawlor A Very Respectable Third

Stuart Hatton, Mr Gay UK, won the title of Mr Gay World 2014 in Rome. [Image: Facebook]

Stuart Hatton, Mr Gay UK, won the title of Mr Gay World 2014 in Rome. [Image: Facebook]

Mr Gay UK won the coveted Mr Gay World title 2014 in Rome last weekend, while Ireland’s Robbie Lawlor came overall third in the Grand Final.

Stuart Hatton Jr., representing the United Kingdom in this year’s Mr Gay World competition, is bringing the title back to his hometown of South Shields in north-east England, after winning the international title in Rome last weekend. Stuart competed alongside representatives from over fifty countries, including Ireland’s Robbie Lawlor and Northern Ireland’s Nick Flanagan.

Stuart, Robbie and Nick became good friends when the three met at the Mr Gay Europe competition in Austria earlier this year, and the two Irishmen were the first to congratulate Stuart on stage in Rome when he was announced as Mr Gay World.

Taking to social media after the win, Stuart claimed his win as a “joint win” alongside his fellow delegates:

“I am still in a complete daze about it and overwhelmed. But this is just the BEGINNING. Now it’s time to show the world what we as a global gay community are made of. This is a joint win that i share with all my fellow delegates from around the world. Together, as a family we will fight to bring equal rights to the entire world.”

Robbie Lawlor, as Mr Gay Ireland, was 2nd Runner-Up in the overall final.


Robbie Lawlor, 3rd in the Mr. Gay World Contest

Nick Flanagan, Mr Gay Northern Ireland 2014

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