LGBT Tourism Wants To Know Your Best And Worst Travel Experiences



Have you ever been badly treated as an LGBT tourist? Or, have you ever been treated particularly well? If so, GETA wants to hear from you.

GETA, the Gay European Travel Association, is working with the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office to promote travel advice to LGBT tourists though the UK Government’s Know Before You Go campaign. It has launched an online survey to learn about your good and bad experiences. You can find the survey here.

“Although the survey is to help provide advice to British tourists,”said GETA’s Executive Director, Carlos Kytka, “we want to hear from LGBT travellers all around the world, so we get a really good feel for the issues”.

Many tourism businesses and agents around the world are taking notice of the lucrative LGBT tourism market. Last year, a leading LGBT tourism trade association predicted that annual expenditure on LGBT tourism would exceed 200 Billion U.S. Dollars by this year.

Closing date for completing the survey is September 15, 2014.

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