EILE Highlight: Jin Yong Artist Exhibition @ Front Lounge, Dublin

'Lion' by Jin Yong is just one of his many captivating artworks, now on display as part of his 'Be Fabulous~' exhibition.

‘Lion’ by Jin Yong is just one of his many captivating artworks, now on display as part of his ‘Be Fabulous~’ exhibition.

Jin Yong is a Chinese visual artist based in Dublin, whose wonderful new exhibition, Be Fabulous~, was launched last Thursday evening at the Front Lounge on Dublin’s Parliament Street.

His artwork focuses on both modern and traditional themes, with regular motifs of nature and spirituality. I recently caught up with Jin ahead of the exhibition’s launch, and the following is an extract from our interview. To find out a little more, including more images of Jin’s art, check out pages 24-27 of this month’s issue of EILE Magazine!

SDB: Tell me a bit about your latest exhibition, ‘Be Fabulous’. What is the idea/theme behind it?

JY: The reason my exhibition is called ‘Be Fabulous~’ is not because I had few pints and that’s how I feel at the moment, it’s because that’s how I want to feel as an artist, as a gay man, and as a Christian. I want to be free, be myself, and be honest with my feelings.

This world is messed up and a lot of bad things are happening at the moment. People are being bombed in Gaza, more than 191,000 people have now been killed in Syria, people are dying from hunger in North Korea, and the ebola virus is killing people everyday in Africa, but there is very little that I could do as a human being apart from praying.

[…] I believe we all have an equal right to live, to love, to marry as long as we are not hurting anyone.

SDB: Is your art part of a cultural movement, or is it something that simply expresses who you are?

…[Art] is my way to express my feelings. Most of my life I have been struggling to cope as a gay christian, gay is [perceived as] sin and crime, but I realized God loves me the way I am, and I am born this way, and proud of who I am.

Most of my paintings I put [a] secret message into. For example: I am a gay man, born this way, equal rights.

The only rule I have for my art is I want people to look at my art to get positive energy, so I am trying to paint the bright side of me more.

To read the complete interview with Jin Yong, visit the September issue of EILE Magazine.

His exhibition, Be Fabulous~, is currently on display in the Front Lounge for the month of September. For more, visit Jin Yong Art on Facebook.

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