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In the mood to update your music library? EILE’s resident music reviewer, Nick Bassett, checks out some of the latest tunes for you! (Click on the titles of each section to go straight to videos, or click cover artwork to go to Chart Shaker for more).

Tove Lo’s Not On Drugs is another single from her Truth Serum EP. The track, available on UK iTunes now, follows the Top 10 success of Stay High, which climbed to #6 on the UK singles chart earlier this year. Co-written by Tove Lo with Alx Reuterskiöld and Jerlström Söderberg, Not On Drugs is a standout track from the Stockholm native’s debut set, which was released back in April, and also features the tracks Habits and Out Of Mind. Imploring lyrics delivered with gritty panache are bolstered further by a soaring and whirring belter of an electropop chorus; the combination of which make this a natural successor to the 26-year-old’s sleeper hit.

Mother & Father is the lead cut from New Zealand duo Broods‘ debut album Evergreen, which was released to NZ iTunes via Capitol Records. Fans of the acclaimed band’s previous (BridgesNever Gonna Change) will be pleased to know that the airy electronica, reverberating percussion and subdued folk vibe from Caleb and Georgia Nott’s self-titled debut EP is still very much present in Mother & Father; an emotional ode to unconditional parental love and direction, and so the perfect choice of single to launch this brother and sister into the big arenas. Of course, it was also produced by fellow Kiwi and EP collaborator Joel Little, the man responsible for the production on the Grammy Award-nominated breakthrough LP from that other Kiwi success story, Lorde.

Jagaara are Ruth, Cat and Jane; three sisters from London, who are clearly adept at delivering beautifully accentuated harmonies amidst a perfectly assembled sea of intoxicating electronic percussion and gently-orchestrated strings and keys. Whilst the intimately beautiful Faultline sounds like the darling lovechild of a late night Haim and London Grammar studio session, In The Night packs a percussion-heavy punch with vocals that are weighted with emotional outpouring.

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