Event: Totem & Tabu Arts Festival, Amsterdam

totemtabuTotem and Tabu Festival

18th & 19th October

What do YOU contribute to the world?

The Totem and Tabu Festival will address this question in the forest surroundings of the art place Nieuw en Meer, Oude Haagseweg 51, Amsterdam.

Richard Mulder is an artist and environmental activist. Taking care of the forest that
surrounds his home, and carving Totems. The performance and art that he will show at the Festival are reflections of his way of living.

Martijn Crowe is an urban artist and anthropologist who researches the influence of
international liberalism and urbanization on human behavior. During a 3 months’
project in Dhaka, he found out that poverty, with its devastating influence on human life, and the lack of perspective in a land such as Bangladesh, are highly provoked by the liberal world’s demand for cheap products and clothes.

The festival will show film, photowork and paintings from the Dhaka Art Project from
Martijn, and installations from Richard on environmental issues. There will be music,
dance, a photobooth, film, theater, food and drinks and enough space to wander
around in the forest.

What do YOU contribute to the world?
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