US Cardinal Calls for Pope to Clarify Stance on Same-Sex Marriage

Cardinal-Raymond-Leo-BurkeOne of Pope Francis’ most vocal critics has said that he would refuse giving Communion to any legislator who voted in favour of same-sex marriage.

Speaking at a conference on the Catholic family in Limerick recently, Raymond Burke, an high-ranking Irish-American Cardinal, said that he would refuse Communion to Catholic legislators voting in favour of marriage equality in Ireland, as he did with pro-choice politicians in his native United States.

Cardinal Burke also called on Pope Francis to clarify the Catholic Church’s position – as well as the Pope’s own – on the issue of same-sex marriage.

Burke recently told RTÉ News that neither Catholic doctrine nor discipline is decided by the votes of bishops, explaining his opposition to the acceptance of LGBT people within the Catholic faith.

Burke is a critic of Pope Francis’ moves to soften the church’s attitudes to homosexual people. In an interview in October 2014, Burke referred to gay relationships as “profoundly disordered and harmful”, also suggesting that parents should discourage gay people from attending family gatherings such as celebrations at Christmas.

The Limerick conference was organised by ‘The Catholic Voice’ newspaper.

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Scott De Buitléir is an author and poet from Dublin, Ireland. He is founder of EILE Magazine, a digital publication for the Irish LGBT community, and has published several works of poetry, non-fiction, and fiction. He lives in Cork with his partner.
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