Watch: ‘Fake’ Gay-Themed Taco Bell Advert Goes Viral

Screen shot 2015-01-09 at 22.27.13A gay-themed advert for American food chain Taco Bell has gone viral recently, winning praise from the LGBT community, despite the video not having been commissioned by Taco Bell themselves.

Last month, American creative agency The Melkin Bros, released an advert titled “Leaked Gay Taco Bell Commercial” onto YouTube. The video has since gained a cult viral status, with over 300,000 views since its release in mid-December.

The video depicts two work colleagues having breakfast at Taco Bell, and ask themselves what else they can do before going to the office. The pair then decide to go to an arcade, a carnival, have a picnic, go on a treasure hunt and get married, before arriving to their office on a motorcycle.

Normally, such stunts to create unofficial adverts for brands would be publicly condemned by the brand in question. Taco Bell, however, saw the funny side to the novel video (featured below) and released a statement to American marketing & advertising website, Mediaite:

“We didn’t create this ad, but we can see the people who did share the same Live Mas passion for our brand — and our breakfast — as we do. Although we cannot condone unauthorized use of our intellectual property, we are impressed with their work and would be open to meeting with them.”

Speaking about the gay-theme of the video, The Melkin Bros’ Austyn Jeffs told AdWeek:

It was a fun social experiment, and we didn’t quite realize it would get such a strong reaction, and we’re really happy with the response. We’re ready to see advertising on the whole to be a lot more inclusive — and we’re such big fans of Taco Bell, thought it would be a[n] understanding company to partner those ideals with.”

About Scott De Buitléir

Scott De Buitléir is an author and poet from Dublin, Ireland. He is founder of EILE Magazine, a digital publication for the Irish LGBT community, and has published several works of poetry, non-fiction, and fiction. He lives in Cork with his partner.
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