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Gay Catholic Voice Ireland: Civil Marriage Is A Matter For The State

GCVI logoThe recent publishing of the wording that is to be used for the Civil Marriage Referendum was welcomed by Gay Catholic Voice Ireland who said GCVI “notes with joy this historic step towards full constitutional equality for all our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters across the country”.

Ciarán O’Mathuna, GCVI Chair stated:

It is really important that gay people in Ireland can feel fully recognised as equal citizens. Civil marriage is a matter for the state and should not be confused with church marriage. As chair person of GCVI and as a practicing Catholic, I want to call on all thinking Catholics to be fully aware of this distinction and vote yes for equality and social justice which, is a cornerstone of our faith belief”

GCVI Secretary Dave Donnellan said:

“The burden of second-class citizenship has not been an easy one to bear for lesbians and gays and much work still remains to be done to heal the ongoing wounds of discrimination suffered by LGBT people”. He continued:

“Today [21st January] however, is a day filled with hope that a better country for LGBT people is not only possible but increasingly visible on the horizon now opened up by today’s momentous development. GCVI encourages all citizens of the country but particularly people of faith for whom God is a God who loves us all equally to seize this opportunity and vote yes in this referendum”

GCVI is a faith-based Catholic group who reach out to LGBT people in the church who have been hurt by discrimination by fellow church members. They are committed to being part of a community in which all members, whatever their sexual orientation, participate fully.

The Cathollic group ‘We Are Church Ireland‘ have also issued a statement in favour of a yes vote for marriage equality in the referendum.


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