Little Gem Records Presents Nimoy by GODHATESDISCO

New indie record store, Little Gem, opens December 6 on Cavendish Row,

Little Gem Indie Record Store, on Cavendish Row, Dublin

Little Gem are delighted to announce that they are releasing the new GODHATESDISCO on February 20th on little gem records.

Following the success of their first release ‘Sick At Heart’ (parts 1-3), Nimoy is the first release from the forthcoming debut album by GODHATESDISCO.

Employing twin bass guitars and a table full of electronics, including samplers, drum machines and custom made noise makers, the duo make unknown wave music to defy and satisfy all musical palates.

Sampling elements of Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto’s ‘A Time-Lapse of Every Nuclear Explosion since 1945’, alongside discussions from Leonard Nimoy’s popular science based television program ‘In Search of..’, GODHATESDISCO create a buoyant and driving sonic exploration that demands to be played on repeat. You can listen here

The band will launch the EP with a late show at Whelans on February 27th

nimoy-front1Nimoy will be available on CD, Cassette & special edition little gem player with the B side ‘Uniformitarian Naturalism’.

Little Gem Players are a release specific high quality audio player which require no downloads or computer connections, only a set of headphones or a stereo.

”Incorporating Steve Reich-esque use of found sound (a clip of Mario Savio’s affecting 1964 “Bodies upon the gears” speech) and a growling backdrop of claustrophobic, repressive textures, ‘Sick at Heart’ is an unforgiving piece of post-minimalism that challenges and ultimately rewards the listener.

Uncompromising and unique, God Hates Disco have carved out a definite tonal edge in ‘Sick At Heart’ that captures upheaval and frustration sonically, through a harsh collage of experimentalism and alternative-rock leanings.”

* The Last Mixed Tape on ‘Sick at Heart’

Little Gem records is open 7 days at the top of O’Connell street on

5 Cavendish row

Dublin 1

Specialising in independent artists and labels, the shop stocks records, little gem players, cassettes, CD’s, tangible and intangible goods.

They support musicians and artists by helping to share, promote and sell their works.

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