Marriage Equality: Conversations will win Marriage Equality Referendum

marriage equality needs youThe need for conversations throughout Ireland, to secure a yes majority in the forthcoming referendum on marriage equality, was highlighted by research findings in the Sunday Independent/Millward Brown poll, Marriage Equality said yesterday (15th). The one fifth of undecided voters, and the soft support among one third of those intending to vote yes, will be brought on a journey of support with three months until polling day.

Grainne Healy, Chairwoman, Marriage Equality stated:

“Marriage equality is a grassroots movement, and we are confident the referendum will be won, as every person who supports lesbian and gay peoples’ right to marry gets behinds the Yes campaign. We are encouraging supporters to have conversations with family, friends and colleagues. People who may have concerns, or unanswered questions, are being engaged with and are getting reassurances. This is how the soft support turns into yes votes.”

She continued:

“Some people in political circles are nervous because of past referendums. We are confident that as voters, including parents and grandparents, discuss the importance of equality for all our family members, the soft votes will turn to Yes votes. As the right to marry is seen to affect daughters, sons, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, uncles and aunts, Irish voters who understand the importance of family strength and support which marriage brings, will vote yes for the right to marry regardless of sexual orientation. This referendum will be won as first time voters join with the experienced electorate to come out in massive numbers to secure the passing of the Marriage Equality referendum.”

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