Red C Poll Shows Irish People Favour Sharing Freedom To Marry

brian sheehan

Brian Sheehan of Yes Equality

Yes Equality: The Campaign for Civil Marriage Equality, a new independent nationwide civil society group established to coordinate and lead the campaign to win the Marriage Equality Referendum, welcomed yesterday’s (13th March) Red C poll, which demonstrates clear support for a Yes vote.  The poll shows that many Irish people believe in sharing their freedom to marry, with some yes voters expressing some concerns.

Campaign spokesperson, Brian Sheehan said:

“We are confident that a majority of Irish citizens believe that everyone should be free to marry the person they love and will vote yes. We are acutely aware that some people have valid questions requiring responses. Yes Equality is a family values campaign based in every county in Ireland. Our people are eager to answer any questions. We don’t want one person with a doubt walking into a polling booth on May 22nd.

The nationwide Campaign is supported by a wide range of civil society organisations including trade unions, women’s groups, parents groups, all political parties, youth and student organisations, professional associations, local family resource centres, employers, children’s rights groups and LGBT groups across the country.

Sheehan concluded:

“We won’t win this referendum on our own, we need all Irish people to get involved. Currently, of the 78% in favour, 60% of these are certain of their support. This is reassuring but we are not taking any votes for granted. Sharing the freedom to marry is an opportunity to guarantee constitutional equality for all Irish people but specifically Ireland’s gay and lesbian citizens. This is a people’s referendum, called by the people for the people, hence support is currently high and we will be working across Ireland to maintain this support.”

Yes Equality: The Campaign for Civil Marriage Equality is an Independent nationwide civic society group launched on March 9th 2015 with the sole aim of winning the Marriage Equality Referendum. Yes Equality is an initiative of GLEN, Marriage Equality and the ICCL.

More information on Yes Equality: The Campaign for Civil Marriage Equality, including an information leaflet for members of the public, is available from

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