US: Irish-NYC LGBTQ Community to Protest St. Patrick’s Day Parade Today

protestnycJust as Boston’s St. Patrick’s Parade has allowed two LGBT groups to take part for the first time ever, members of the LGBT community in New York will join the New York Irish Queers community group to protest the ban on gay and lesbian groups from participating in the main St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the city. 

The New York Irish Queers group are continuing their boycott of the main Paddy’s Day parade, calling on their supporters to join them at their protest between 11am and 1pm local time, 57th Street and 5th Avenue. 

“Irish LGBTQ groups are still banned from the parade”, explained organiser Emmaia Gelman via email, “the boycott is still in force. […] This year’s protest will bring the names and faces of the excluded to the parade. From Irish and Irish-American AIDS activists and pro-choice activists to rebels, performers and poets, we’ll bring our heroes to confront the parade that prefers to think of “Irish” as a synonym for white conservative Catholic men and/or military personnel.”

To find out more about the protest, or about Irish Queers, visit their Facebook event page.

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