‘It’s for YOU!’ 12th International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival Launches Today

Blazing Change Players - By The BiThe programme for the 12th International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, the biggest festival of its kind in the world, was launched this morning.

For two weeks, the Festival will offer a unique opportunity to see LGBT culture on city centre stages – 10 performances each night – presented by theatre companies from Ireland, UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Iceland and Russia.

This year, audiences will be transported to Putin’s Russia, fictional Leitrim and to rural Wexford, and even have a chance to visit Gay Heaven. From the mythical story of Icarus to a Tuesday at Tescos, from history’s Joan of Arc to 1950s sci-fi serials, and from a re-imagined Noel Coward to an Angela Lansbury tribute, this varied programme of music, dramas, comedy and dance is a celebration of diversity.

“We are delighted to once again host the world’s biggest and most diverse LGBT Theatre Festival from May Bank Holiday for two weeks”, said Brian Merriman, who founded the event in 2004, the 150th anniversary of the birth of Oscar Wilde in Dublin. “This is our twelfth year staging new and diverse theatre and welcoming artists and audiences regardless of their sexual identity. We include everyone! We want you to enjoy our theatre because it is good theatre”.

This not a festival just for the LGBT community, it is for everyone who enjoys theatre and celebrates identity. “This Festival is for you, about you, your family, friends and communities. We are all part of the arts, part of Dublin and part of a new inclusive Ireland. We are staging this diverse programme to dialogue with and to appeal to everyone, regardless of their sexual identity,” said Brian Merriman.

“This is a live theatrical celebration of all the stories that make up Ireland and link us to our international communities. In launching this wonderful diverse programme of accessible theatre, we are confident that once again we have programmed great and unique theatre! Our talented and resourceful companies from Ireland and abroad are most welcome. They make great sacrifices to celebrate gay theatre in Dublin. They love the opportunity we provide.”

“The audience continue to engage in what we present. Our performers are first class with alumni performing on the West End and in film, TV and theatre worldwide. Festival 2015 presents a great value programme of love, laughter, politics, history, music and dance. It is for everyone to enjoy, but especially you!”

The International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival will run from 4th to 17th May, 2015.

For more information visit www.gaytheatre.ie

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