Brian Sheehan of GLEN speaking to Marian Finucane this morning about the referendum results so far

brian sheehan

Brian Sheehan of GLEN

Brian Sheehan of GLEN has been giving a very good account of  himself on the Marian Finucane show, speaking about the journey to marriage equality, as it seems the Yes vote has the majority with the continued counting this morning.

Brian has been speaking about how, in his own case as in many other cases of gay people in Ireland, before the referendum he had reached out to aunts and uncles etc., saying:

“I am asking you to vote for me”.

Brian felt that most of these people were very generous in their attitude to his request, and that it seems:

“They have been terribly generous today”.

He felt that people in Ireland began to realise that:

“When lesbian and gay people marry, all they want to do is marry”

Brian also spoke about the campaign for Civil Partnership, and how CP filled a need at the time, but fell far short of marriage. He also said that when relatives got dressed up in the Sunday suit and borrowed hat to go to a Civil Partnership ceremony, not knowing what to expect of two men or two women committing to each other, they realised that what they were at was a wedding.

Alan Shatter came on by phone and said:

“the sun is shining on what now is a more tolerant country” and that “it’s a historic day and a good day for the country”.

– M. Butler




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