A Pride To Make Us Proud! Dublin LGBTQ Pride Parade 2015


From Left: Grand Marshals Mark Kelly, Gráinne Healy and Brian Sheehan

The joy was palpable.Each person marching had pride in their stride! The crowd of over 50,000 held flags and banners aloft, as they marched as one mass, with smiling faces painted and brightly-coloured clothes.

Two people wrappted in rainbow flags

Rainbow clad, outside Pride Village, Merrion Sq Photo –  M. Butler

What a Dublin Pride Day!  As the marching crowd neared the Pride Village at Merrion Square, they saw more of the same, crowds milling around, already at the venue, waiting in anticipation.

Grainne healy twitter panti

Panti in pink sequins

The three Grand Marshals, Gráinne Healy, Mark Kelly and Brian Sheehan, were equally proud to be leading this very special Pride parade, and the crowd were equally proud of them. After a welcome by Jason Flynn, chair of Dublin Pride 2015, who stated that this Dublin Pride was more of a celebration than a protest in view of our Marriage Referendum Yes result, people were royally entertained by Jerry Fish, Elm, and Le Galaxie. The ubiquitous Panti, who looked stunning in pink sequins, acted as MC.


Le Galaxie

There were plenty of PDAs, and the lack of self-consciousness was evident in the relaxed way couples held hands as they walked along, surrounded by family, supporters and allies.

As the Village activities came to a close, there was an air of sadness, but that would soon be replaced by the excitement of the parade-goers preparing for a night out at one of the many venues holding after-pride parties, like Motherclub, The George, Pantibar and Nealons. Which is just where they went as you can see below. All in all, a proud Pride Day to remember!

M. Butler


People in bright clothes dancing

Crowds enjoying themselves outside Pantibar Photo – M. Butler

Crowds outside Nealons Bar

Crowds outside Nealons Photo – M. Butler





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