Japan: LGBT Group Call For Marriage Equality As Human Right

EpcotJapanGateYesterday, 7th July, members of the LGBT community in Japan filed a complaint with the Japan Federation of Bar Associations to have same-sex marriage recognised as a human right.

Toshimasa Yamashita, a lawyer,  said that the JFBA will investigate the complaint, and may then issue a warning to the central government to rethink its strategy on gay marriage .The complaint states that it is unconstitutional not to allow equal marriage, contradicting the principles of equality and individual dignity which are guaranteed by the Japanese Constitution.

Although the warning would be non-binding, Yamashita said it would have far-reaching effects, and being very comprehensive, it would inform future trials and legislation as these arise.He also believed that the recent Supreme Court decision in the US would lend weight to the complaint.

The group argue that not having equality with heterosexual couples opens them to disadvantages such as in the areas of health insurance and inheritance issues. It also deprives them of the “right to pursue happiness” as guaranteed by the Constitution.




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