EILE – July 2015 Issue OUT NOW!

Screenshot 2015-07-14 22.24.34The July 2015 issue of EILE Magazine is available to read and download for free!

In this month’s issue, we give you a sneak peek at the Tiger Dublin Fringe festival, featuring the one and only Mx Justin Vivian Bond! We also hear from our regular American columnists in California Dispatch as they celebrate Ireland’s Marriage Equality victory. Meanwhile, our fashion writers take a look at the use of Photoshop, and the Hippy Era style! We also have the best music round-up with Ghost Lit Kingdom, Magic Giant, and Jerry Fish.

To enjoy all that, including the latest LGBT news and features, simply click on the image to the side or on ‘Issues’ on the top bar!

About EILE Magazine

The new LGBT magazine; available online, for download and on podcast. It's time for another view.
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