Jerusalem: Six LGBT Activists Stabbed At Pride Parade By Previous Stabber

Jerusalem_Dome_of_the_rock_BW_1An ultra-orthodox Jew, who had just been released from prison for a previous stabbing incident at the 2005 Pride Parade, stabbed six people at this year’s Jerusalem Pride Parade, leaving two in a serious condition.

Yishai Shlissel was arrested at the scene, and was the same person responsible for stabbing three people at the 2005 Pride march, having been released from prison some weeks ago. Unlike Tel Aviv’s Pride march, which usually passes without incident, Jerusalem’s Pride march has always been a touchy subject, due to Jerusalem being regarded as religiously significant for Christians, Jews and Muslims.

According to reports 

“Several thousand participants at the 13th annual Jerusalem Pride Parade were marching along Keren Hayesod Street when the knifeman apparently broke through a police cordon to attack them”.

Yishai Shlissel is said to be a member of the Haredi group of Orthodox jews, who reject modern secular culture, segregating themselves from modern society. ‘Haredi’ is an adjective from from the noun ‘Hared’ meaning “one who trembles at the word of God”. Although protestors have been present at all Jerusalem parades over the years, more recently Haredi leaders have urged their followers to stay away from the marches.



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