Gaybrhood ‘Comes Out’ At Dublin Web Summit Alpha Village

web summit‘Gaybrhood’, an LGBT crowdsourced city guide that uses local social connections to create a living list of the best things to discover, exhibits as a Dublin Web Summit Alpha Startup. The Dublin Web Summit runs from 3-5 November, 2015.

Formed in 2015, Gaybrhood identified a gap in the market for LGBT travellers to accurately find out the best of a city to explore.

The annual international travel spend by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender tourists was estimated to have been worth in excess of $200 billion US dollars in 2014 with European LGBT travellers spending an estimated $66 billion.

Chris Fildes, Co-Founder, said:

“We want to tap into this market and allow the LGBT traveller to be able to explore a city as if they were a local. Whether it’s grabbing something to eat, a quick coffee or socialising, Gaybrhood plans on being the one stop shop for finding the best and most up to date happenings a city has to offer”.

Some cities such as Berlin, London and Madrid have a vibrant but ever changing scene that existing guides struggle to keep up to date with. Events can pop up within a few days notice, venues can move constantly and restaurant opening hours can change. The bigger the city the more diverse the choice, how is it possible to find what might be the best place to go?

Gaybrhood solves this by crowdsourcing users likes and events from their social connections. It then lets them explore a city by showing what is most popular, current and nearby. They can also see what their friends have done and create a ‘Gaylist’ of their own favourites.

“The problem with existing sites and apps [is] their reliance on business owners keeping their details up to date” explains other Co-Founder Danny Lane.

“Gaybrhood doesn’t have to worry about that. When our users like a business or join an event on social media, the site automatically updates. This creates a living up to date list of what is most popular in any given city at any time, while business and event profiles are automatically synchronised with their social media accounts so any updates filter straight through to Gaybrhood.”

Earlier this year, Ireland voted to introduce same-sex marriage. Tourism Ireland recently launched a new campaign to promote the country as a wedding and honeymoon destination for same-sex couples, which Chief Executive Niall Gibbons described as a “new and emerging” tourism market, so using Dublin for a soft launch seemed an ideal match.

“Using Dublin as a testbed has helped us improve not only how our members use the site but has given us invaluable lessons in dealing with the businesses that feature on Gaybrhood. The feedback has been extremely positive and we are looking forward to rolling the site out to other cities around the world.”

Gaybrhood is delighted to have been chosen to exhibit as an Alpha Startup, and is looking forward to connecting with entrepreneurs and startups from all over the world.

To experience Gaybrhood visit:

and start exploring.

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