IDGTF Presents: Wretched Little Brat – Brian Merriman


The International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival proudly presents the world premiere of Wretched Little Brat by Brian Merriman

For one week only… a tale of persecuted love, scandal and conflict – the fascinating true story of Oscar Wilde’s lovers.

sean doyle as bosie

Sean Doyle plays Bosie in Wretched Little Brat

Starring: Sean Doyle, Dave Flynn, Brian Higgins, Ailish Leavy, Anne Doyle, Stephen Gorman, Eli Caldwell

The untold story of persecuted love, moralistic law, and endless litigation between Lord Alfred Douglas (Bosie) and Robbie Ross, Oscar Wilde’s lovers.
George Bernard Shaw exclaimed when he met Bosie that he was a ‘wretched little brat’. Meet an array of political and literary characters in an unresolved battle of the moral versus the lawful that raged until 1945.
This new full length play charts the lives of Robbie Ross who dedicated his life to maintain Wilde’s legacy after his death in 1900, and Lord Alfred Douglas who did the opposite. The litigation that ruined Wilde went on to try to destroy Ross as Douglas hounded him through the courts for promoting homosexuality. The play charts the Wilde years and beyond to Bosie’s death in 1945.
Based on their own testimony, “Wretched Little Brat” reveals the lives underscoring one of the most “scandalous” episodes in history and how it continues to impact in modern times.
16-21 November 2015 @ 7:30pm
Sean O’Casey Theatre
Saint Mary’s Road, East Wall, Dublin 3
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