Israel: LGBT People Come Out Online

igyIn what is a first of its kind campaign for religious LGBT jews, many have posted their names, photos and other details online.

The campaign is entitled: “Our Faces” and is run in association with Bat Kol, a lesbian organisation of religious women, and Havruta, a religious gay men’s organisation, in conjunction with religious groups in the NGO Israeli Gay Youth (IGY).

They are also stating which religious schools they attended, and their current family status. The gay and lesbian organisations wrote on their facebook pages:

“There is someone to talk to. You have friends who are like you”.

They also say that because they grew up in religious and ultra-orthodox homes, they know the feelings of alienation, suffocation and loneliness that LGBT people experience.

According to, the organiser of the campaign, Dan Uziel, said that people are coming out online “so that our support and visibility would reach as many people as possible”.


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