China: Domestic Violence Law Does Not Include LGBT Couples

China_LGBTChina has just passed a law outlawing domestic violence among co-habiting couples, but this does not include homosexual couples, according to government official, Guo Linmao.

This is the first time China has addressed the issue of domestic violence, said to be because the government did not want to bring shame on the traditional idea of the family.

However, now it has banned all types of domestic violence and abuse, including psychological abuse.

According to figures, almost 90% of cases reported refer to abuse of wives by husbands, but a leading women’s group, All-China Women’s Federation, say that about one quarter of all married women are actually affected by domestic violence. However, only 40,000 to 50,000 cases are reported each year.

The new law also covers those who are cohabiting, but does not include gay couples cohabiting. Although homosexuality is not illegal in China, having been decriminalised in 1997 (Hong Kong 1991) same-sex marriage is still illegal.

When asked why gay couples were not included in the new law, Linmao stated:

“As for homosexuals in our country, we have not yet discovered this form of violence, so to give you a certain answer, it can be said that people who cohabit does not include homosexuals”.



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