Boston Professional Sports Teams Support Bill Against Trans Discrimination


Daniel Nava, Boston Red Sox, Image UCinternational

Professional sports teams in Boston are supporting a bill which aims to end discrimination against transgenders.

The Boston Globe has reported that teams such as Boston Celtics and the New England Patriots are supporting a bill which will ban transgender discrimination in public places.

Freedom Massachusetts, an activist group who want to change the law to protect transgenders from discrimination, say that Under Massachusetts law at present, there are no explicit protections ensuring that transgender people cannot be turned away from a hotel or denied service at a restaurant—simply because of who they are. The group are a bipartisan coalition of businesses, advocacy groups and politicians, and are trying to change that law.

The Boston Red Sox have already come out in favour of the anti-discrimination bill, which is before the legislature in Massachusetts.

Governor Charlie Baker could veto the bill, if it does not pass the legislature with a two-thirds majority. However, activists are hoping that with the sports teams coming out in favour of the bill, it will show the governor that there is widespread support for the measure.

Freedom Massachusetts have told the Globe that its not a controversial issue, and that a “wide variety of people, a wide variety of businesses support nondiscrimination protections”.



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