Couples+Pairs Tackles Love In All Its Guises At Theatre Upstairs

couples and pairs

Mike Kunze and Brian Higgins rehearsing ‘The Tearing Up of Fergal and Tim’

Couples + Pairs, an evening of short plays and songs, all with love and relationships as a theme, takes to the stage for Valentine’s week at the Theatre Upstairs, Dublin.

In this entertaining and thought-provoking world premiere of five short plays, by exciting new and emerging writers, the theme of love is explored in all its glory. Searching for love, finding love, and losing it are all touched on in this show, from Blue Heart Theatre, in the intimate space of the Theatre Upstairs, for Valentine’s week.

In ‘Icarus’, by Margaret Perry, a promising new relationship between two women is threatened by a dark secret from the past. The play was nominated for Best New Writing at the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival in 2015.

In ‘First Impressions’, by Mike Kunze, a couple relive the same date over and over again- will they finally get it right?

And in ‘The Tearing up of Fergal and Tim’ by Sean Denyer, two men’s attempts to have a ‘civilised breakup’ goes disastrously awry, when a dispute over the ownership of a book of poems escalates into a full scale fight!

Another play, ‘Baggage’, by Erica Murray, who had a big Dublin Fringe Fest hit with ‘Oh! What a lovely Rose’ involves a woman turning up for a blind date, but not being sure whether, in fact,  she’s turned up for the right one!

The show also features live music by American chanteuse, Cal Folger Day, who will link the pieces with songs familiar, and some not so, which echo and amplify the stories on stage.

Writer and producer, Sean Denyer, said:

“It’s great that two of the plays feature same-sex couples, and I think it’s significant that the fact of them being in a gay relationship is secondary to the main issue at stake in each case.  In ‘Icarus’ it is a secret part of one of the women’s past which causes a problem. For my own play, I had never seen a play that dealt with the challenge of a gay couple breaking up, where everything you say is loaded with what’s happened in the past. In my experience gay couples are often very good at staying friends with exes, but, as in this play, it can be challenging to do that without inflicting further damage!”.

Theatre Upstairs, 10-11 Eden Quay, Dublin 1

●      5th-20th February

●      Evenings 7pm Tuesday-Saturday

●      Matinées 1pm Wednesday and Saturday (excluding Sat 6th and Wed 17th) and 3pm Valentine’s Day, Sunday 14th


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