Russia: Latest Anti-gay Bill To Criminalise ‘Coming-Out’

The State Duma

Russia – State Duma HQ

A bill has been introduced to the Russian parliament with the intent of criminalising coming-out, with a sentence of 15 days in jail, adding to the long list of anti-gay legislation already in existence in Russia.

Nikolai Arefyev and Ivan Nikitchuks, both Communist MPs, who introduced the bill, include in the bill that PDAs between gay men should merit imprisonment or fines, whereas PDAs between lesbian women should go unpunished.

Ivan Nikitchuk spoke to the Russian press and said:

“We have our own idea of honour and conscience, and we must respect tradition. The scum that comes to us from the west is unnatural to Russia. These unconventional sexual desires do nothing but disgust normal, smart, healthy people”.

This new legislation will be voted upon on 19 January next.



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