Faith group responds to Archbishops’ sanctions against pro-gay Anglicans‏

fimeFaith in Marriage Equality (FiME) has responded to the decision of the  Primates of the Anglican Communion to penalise the  Anglican/Episcopal Church in the USA for blessing same-sex relationships.

FiME spokesperson, Dr Richard O’Leary, a member of the Church of Ireland, said:

“I and many Anglicans in Ireland am appalled at  this anti-gay decision by the Archbishops.  Many Anglicans in Ireland feel closer to the Anglican Bishops in the USA, who want to bless same sex-couples, than to the Anglican Bishops in Uganda and Nigeria who want to jail same-sex couples”.

Dr O’Leary added:

“I am dismayed that the Archbishops’ statement does not even acknowledge the existence of the persecution of LGBT persons in Uganda and Nigeria ”.

Dr O’Leary concluded that “Ireland has more in common with LA than Lagos” and he “hoped that the Primate of all-Ireland, Archbishop Richard Clarke, can explain the adoption of this fundamentalist, homonegative stance by his fellow Anglican Primates”.

Faith in Marriage Equality is campaigning for the extension to Northern Ireland of civil marriage for same sex couples and for those clergy in Ireland who wish in good conscience to bless same sex couples to be allowed to do so.

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