Australia: Homophobic Posters Put Up In Melbourne


Chapel Street in South Yarra, where anti-gay posters were put up

A series of homophobic posters have been pasted to lamp-posts in Chapel Street, South Yarra, in Melbourne.

The posters, which incite violence against gay men and AIDS sufferers to ‘cure’ AIDS, were put up at some point over Australia Day weekend, and have angered the LGBT community and locals, especially as the area is normally regarded as gay-friendly and safe.

Chief Executive of Living Positive Victoria, Brent Allan, asked Stonnington Town Council to take immediate action to remove the posters:

“I would request that the authorities take the appropriate steps to remove these stickers and record this incident as a violent and threatening act against the GLBTIQ community and against people living with HIV” he stated.

The council have said that they have informed their graffitti removal team to remove the posters as soon as possible.


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