NXF Survey – Burning Issues 2: What’s Next For LGBT Ireland?

BI2_FB_Cover PicIn 2015, after years of dedicated LGBT activism, the LGBT community in Ireland have achieved marriage equality, gender recognition, and legal protections of LGBT staff in religious-run institutions.

Following these momentous gains, in an election year, and as we approach the centenary of the 1916 Rising, the National LGBT Federation (NXF) is now asking:

“What is next for LGBT Ireland and what is important to YOU“?

This has led to the second online national survey, Burning Issues 2 being conducted by the NXF, who also publish free LGBT community magazine, GCN.

Burning Issues 2 seeks to uncover the priorities of the LGBT community across a range of key issues, including ageing, children, education, health, migration, personal safety, politics, Pride, rural isolation and support for younger LGBT people.

To complement the survey research, a number of LGBT community workshops will take place across Ireland in Spring 2016, where participants will have the chance to make their voices heard, with a particular focus on the needs of LGBT people outside Dublin, and LGBT migrants.

All information received is completely confidential, and the survey should only take about 15-20 minutes of your time.

For more information on the survey, and to participate, visit the NXF website at:


or if you would like to go directly to take the survey, go to:


You can also follow on facebook:


Burning Issues 2 is the follow up to the ground-breaking Burning Issues national survey conducted by the National LGBT Federation (NXF) in 2009, which provided – for the first time – an in-depth overview of the attitudes and opinions of LGBT Ireland. The original Burning Issues research report is available at:


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