LISTEN: Brian Merriman Interviewed in New Podcast

Brian Merriman, the founder of the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, and the Mr Gay Ireland competition, has been interviewed in a brand new podcast series about community leaders in Ireland and the UK.

The RADAR Podcast is a new series by EILE’s Founder & Editor-at-Large, Scott De Buitléir, where the spotlight is cast on volunteers and community leaders, who work in various aspects of charity or community work, such as racism, homelessness, LGBT rights, disadvantaged youth, immigration, and more.

De Buitléir is interviewing people from both Ireland and the UK, who work towards making a difference to Irish and British society. The episode with Brian Merriman is the first in the series, and covers various aspects of life in Ireland, from the legacy of Oscar Wilde, to the Waking the Feminists movement, to the LGBT community and their recent Marriage Equality achievements, to much more.

Click on the Play button below to listen to the first episode of the RADAR Podcast. For more information on the RADAR series, visit

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