Italy: Anti-gay Rally Against Civil Unions

italy no to civil unions

Thousands Gather At Rome’s Circus Maximus To Protest Civil Union Bill – Photo

Yesterday, 30 January, Rome’s Circus Maximus saw a gathering of thousands of people, who were protesting against a new civil unions bill. The bill, if passed, would see LGBT couples have civil partnerships for the first time, and be able to adopt their partner’s children. They would also have residual pension rights.

However, the adoption issue may see the bill fail, as Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s government coalition partners are centre-right, and are opposed to adoption by same-sex couples, as are some Catholic members of his own party, which is centre-left.

Renz1 also needs the support of left-wing parties in opposition, and the 5-Star radical group, to get the bill passed, but they are threatening to withdraw their support if anything about the bill is changed.

The organiser of the anti-gay ‘Family Day protest, Maximo Gandolfini, said the bill must be defeated. He stated:

“A man and a woman form a marriage. The others are alchemy.”

He also said:

“Without limits, our society will go mad”.

Gian Luca Galletti, the Environment Minister, attended the meeting, but only to support the protesters. He said he supports the civil unions, but not the adoption clause.

The protest comes just one week after  supporters of the bill rallied in 100 cities around Italy to make their voices heard.




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